Useful Skills and Talents to Know

Wrangling (advanced )

The Explorer can tame, train, and potentially ride animals encountered in his travels, from spine-hounds to the noble warhorse breeds. Both taming and training beasts are Extended Tests, the Duration of which is determined by the nature and temper of the creature involved. Once an animal has been broken to its master’s will—or at least formed a partnership for particularly strong-willed beasts—directing it or issuing commands is a Half Action. Wild animals, or those trained for hostility and aggression, can have their Disposition changed by one level for every two Degrees of Success, up to a maximum of three levels by a Full Action use of this Skill. GMs may impose penalties for animals that have been particularly well trained or those with uncommon Willpower and Intelligence. Wrangling is of no use against cyber-animals, psy-bonded animals, or against any creature with true sentience.

Skill Use: Variable depending on task and complexity.


A creature with this Trait is animalistic, tending to behave instinctively rather than rationally. No matter how high its Intelligence score is, it is still bestial. A creature with this Trait never needs to make a Survival Test whilst in its natural habitat. Unless starving or desperate, a bestial creature must make a Willpower Test when frightened, startled or injured. On a failed test, the creature flee.


The Explorer’s temper and passion boil just below the surface of his psyche, mostly held in check by his rational mind, but easily released when needed. If the character spends one full Round fueling his anger – by flegellation, drugs, or other means—on the next Round he goes into an uncontrolled rage, gaining a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, and Willpower, but suffering a –20 penalty to Ballistic Skill and Intelligence. The Explorer must attack the nearest enemy in melee combat if possible. If he is not engaged with the nearest enemy, he must move towards that enemy and engage it if possible. The character will not take obviously suicidal actions such as leaping off a building in order to engage someone on the ground, but he will take any actions that have a reasonable opportunity to engage in melee with the nearest enemy. While Frenzied, he is immune to Fear, Pinning, stunning effects, the effects of Fatigue, and he may not Parry, retreat, or flee . The Explorer must use the All-Out Attack Manoeuvre in melee combat if possible. He remains Frenzied for the duration of the combat. Unless the character has a Talent that allows him to do so, he may not use Psychic Techniques whilst in Frenzy. Some beings are either permanently Frenzied or can Frenzy at will.

Useful Skills and Talents to Know

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