Elutrian Confederacy

“Ours is the path to the future of humanity. We are its destiny and youare too blind to see it, your soul too weighed down by dogma to open theeye of truth. Only we have the power to lead our species into the light!”

–Final words of Ors of House Typhon, executed by Inquisitor Schuld on Scintilla

Navigator duels — a contest between two massive organisations, settled by two individuals. Though the exact origin of Navigator duels is unknown, the practice of using them to settle disputes between Houses became common in the Calixis Sector during the rise of the so-called Elutrian Confederacy. During this time, Navigator Houses associated with the Elutrian Confederacy, such as House Typhon, claimed that they alone knew the true path to perfection. The champions of this movement began calling for Navigator duels to prove their supposed superiority. When the Elutrian Confederacy was disgraced and House Typhon fell into ruin, the traditions that they had established for Navigator duels remained prevalent in the region and are still used to settle many of the disputes between the Navigator Houses of the Calixis Sector today.

They Hate Psykers, this is the core of their beliefs, Navigators are the future.

Elutrian Confederacy

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