Black Sun System

System: “Black Sun”: Discovered 4518810.M41 by the Arcadia Dynasty whilst exploring for the lost Explorator ship Y01- Singularity and it’s commander, Adjutant V.

The Warp lane to this system is quite stable, requiring regular drop outs to real space to re-plot a course, but ultimately is a safer journey than average, this has been plotted by Navigator: Mia of the Starship: Halcyon Blade

Navigation within the system is actually somewhat difficult as the Auspex arrays find the dim light of this star confusing, leading ships to drift off-course and lose their location.

Star: A Deadened star that emits a very faint visible light that casts everything in a deep purple hue, requires vision enhancements otherwise humans cannot adequately see, strangely this seems to also affect the Auspex.

Inner System:

• Gas Giant I: Unexplored

Primary: System:

• Planet I: Mercys Fall, Partially Explored – Scanned
• Moon I: Mercys Fall: Unexplored – Scanned
• Moon II: Mercys Fall: Unexplored
• Derelict Station I: Eldar origin: Partially Explored – Scanned
• Derelict Station II: Eldar origin: Unexplored
• Asteroid Cluster: Unexplored

Outer: System:

• Asteroid Belt: Unexplored

Gas Giant I: Unexplored

Body: Massive Gas Giant
Gravity: Normal
Orbital Features:
• Planetary Rings (Debris)

Planet I Mercys Fall ( Ancient John 023): Partially Explored – Scanned Huge rich planet, abundant with a vast array of life, with a thin toxic atmosphere and one super continent, has multiple inland seas.

Body: Vast
Gravity: High
Orbital Features:

• Mercys Fall Moon I:
• Mercys Fall Moon II

Atmosphere: Thin
Atmosphere Composition: Toxic
Climate: Temperate
Habitability: Verdant
Landmass: 1 Supercontinent

Notable Indigenous Life:
• Glacius – Indigenous to the northern hemisphere, appear to thrive in cold conditions, hunt in packs, ambusher, dangerous.

Notable Finds:
• Eldar Xeno Ruins amid jungle
• Underground cave system, location of an Archeotech Data Vault
• Mechanicus Outpost (Salvaged)

Mercys Fall Moon I: Unexplored – Scanned Small dense moon with a stable but corrosive atmosphere, signs of life (pending further investigation)

Body: Small and dense
Gravity: Low Gravity
Atmosphere: Unknown
Atmosphere Composition: Unknown
Climate: Unknown
Habitability: Unknown
Landmass: single
Orbital Features:

• Derelict Station I: Eldar origin

Mercys Fall Moon II: Unexplored

Body: Small
Gravity: Low gravity
Atmosphere: Unknown
Atmosphere Composition: Unknown
Climate: Unknown
Orbital Features:

• Derelict Station II: Eldar origin

Asteroid Cluster I: Unexplored

Asteroid Belt I: Unexplored

Black Sun System

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