Arcadia Dynasty

The Arcadia Dynasty

Established 809.M41

The Dynasty was founded with the unification of the Noblite House Pikkofule and House Drogar within Hive Sibillus upon the planet Scintilla after a serious and deadly secret joint war against the Mechashades, their plot was uncovered that would have spelled the Nobilite Houses end, as Cyclonic torpedoes often tend to do, the purgation lead by the Inquisition which saw much of the power and wealth of the houses further depleted. Most curious as these Houses have been at each others throats for generations.

Unified and merged and granted a Writ of Trade in outstandingly quick time for the Imperial bureaucracy and gifted the Starship: Halcyon Blade. Their fortunes bolstered by this unity but also from other means, their benefactors all eager to get the young Dynasty into the Expanse, after all the Administratum needs more.

Rogue Trade Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX assuming command of his Dynasty and his brother Seneschal Lucius Thael Pikkofule Arcadia helping him, their Venerable Father Ephialtes Arcadia proving far too unwell after an assassination attempt to go to the stars, allowing his sons to plunder and himself to maintain their power at Scintilla, the nobilites of House Drogar all but exterminated.

Rumour has it they were named after the Bifernicus Arcadia’ station above Hive Hive Tarsus, Scintilla, but when have rumours proven right?

Arcadia Dynasty

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