All House Rules

The below rules are not in effect, but exist here because they are under consideration.

Starship Combat

Rogue Trader Ship House Rules:

  • Armour stats on all vessels are reduced by 12, to a minimum of 0.
  • Ships cannot stack armour mods.
  • All torpedoes (except vortex) reduce the damage they do by 12.
  • Macrocannon and bomber damage is resolved one hit at a time with the reduced armour rating counting against every hit, not stacked into one massive amount.
  • Small craft form Wings made up of squadrons. A Wing can have as many squadrons as Flight Crew Rating/10 (rounded down).
  • The damage of bombers is 1d10 + Flight Crew Rating/10 (rounded down).
  • Lance batteries score additional hits per 2 degrees of success, not 3.
  • Lances gain Tearing.
  • Broadsides half Strength (rounding up) and gain storm.
  • Shields go down for the whole round.
  • Jovian MSLS Gain Storm and a STR of 2
  • Rak’Gol Howler class macrocannon reduce armour rating temporarily by 1 per hit from that weapon. Note that this is per weapon, not per ship firing.
  • Stygies class macrocannon penetrator rounds only reduce armour for hits from that weapon, not all macrocannon hits in that salvo.
  • Light Cruisers have a 90 degree turning rate.

Profit Factor/Acquisition

  • Ship Purchases/Sales/Prizes – Purchased ships cost PF equal to 10% of their SP cost, including components. Ships can be sold for an equal amount. Both sales and purchases can be further modified by skill checks. Prize ships added to your fleet reduce PF by 5% of their SP cost, to account for maintenance, salaries, ammunition supplies, etc. Repair and recruitment are handled separately.
  • Colonies – I use Stars of Inequity
  • Ships that voyage with your flagship might reduce your PF if they aren’t “working” ships. Working ships are those with components that enable their mission (ships on Trade Endeavors need cargo hold components to be considered working ships). Ships working independent missions (i.e. background endeavors) require components that enable those missions. “Escorts” for convoys on Background Endeavors reduce that Endeavor by 1-3 PF each.
  • When making Acquisitions, if you miss the check by 5 DoF, a Misfortune (Rogue Trader p. 284) or Unwanted Attention (Into the Storm p. 223) will be generated.
  • Generally speaking, personal acquisitions can be made once every week in a suitable market. Large-scale military acquisitions and starship components can only be made once per month in a suitable market.

Personal Combat

  • Monstrous Creatures don’t suffer critical hits. Instead, ignore their toughness bonus. They have many more Wounds, though.
  • Melta Weapons: All Melta weapons have special quality ‘Melta’ which doubles AP at half range.
  • Plasma Weapons: All plasma weapons gain special rule quality ‘Maximal’ which gives the option to use Maximal Power: gain recharge, +1d10 dmg, +2 pen, +10m range
  • Righteous Fury has changed from having a chance of dealing additional damage to automatically applying the effects of a d5 Critical Hit on the Target if a single point of damage is inflicted, if not 1 point of damage is inflicted, this does not count as true critical damage. NPCs may deal RF in this way as well as players.
  • Untrained skills now test at -20, instead of half the related Characteristic. Specialist skills cannot be used untrained. (OW, p113)
  • You may substitute the # of DoS on your attack test with one of the dice on the subsequent damage roll. This means that a very successful attack will not cause negligible damage. (OW, p250)
  • Crushing Blow: The character adds half their Weapon Skill Bonus rounded down to Damage they inflict in melee.
  • Mighty Shot: The character adds half their Ballistic Skill Bonus rounded down to Damage they inflict with a ranged weapon.


  • Don’t purchase the Commerce AND Barter skills. They do the same thing.


  • You can chart Warp Routes and you can chart systems. Both requires successful use of the Astrography skill. Charting Warp Routes gives advantages in Navigation (Warp), travel times, and AP bonuses (as listed in Into the Storm). Charting systems affects Navigation (Stellar), in-system travel times and modifies the following types of encounters: radiation bursts, solar flares, gravity tides and riptides, asteroid fields, ice rings, dust clouds and rings, gas giant rings, and nebulae.

Weapon Craftsmanship

In light of the almost meaningless nature of good/best quality ranged weapons, I will be implementing the below changes.

Best: Ranged weapons of Best craftsmanship add a +10 bonus to tests made to attack and add 1 to the Damage they inflict, improve the reliability of the weapon by 2, use the guide below.

Good: Ranged weapons of Good craftsmanship add a +5 bonus to tests made to attack. improve the reliability of the weapon by 1, use the guide below.

Reliability Guide;

0 Unreliable
1 Standard
2 Reliable
3 Never jams/overheats

Example: A common Autogun has a quality of ‘normal’, a good quality Autogun would be reliable and best would never jam.

Commission: If an explorer wants a truly customized weapon they can commission one that does not give the standard craftsmanship benefits but trades them in for different qualities, for example a good lasgun could become accurate, but not benefit from the increased chance of hitting, or a best quality knife could trade in the +10% WS and +1 damage for Tearing and Power field. Any commissioned weapons automatically gain the ‘Customized’ trait as they are infact made for one user.

Failure and Success

  • Automatic failure on a roll of a natural 96 to 99:
  • Critical failure on a roll of a natural 100.
  • Automatic success on a roll of a natural 02 to 05:
  • Critical success on a roll of a natural 1.

All House Rules

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