Halcyon Rising Timeline

Halcyon Rising Timeline

Dynastic Birth Date 1 328 809.M41 ( 27/04/41,809 )

  • Signature and legitimate authority granted to the new Arcadia Dynasty

Launch Date 4 432 809.M41 ( 07/06/41,809 )

  • Sets sail, heading for Port Wander
  • Pirate Vaun Slite killed, Dark Portent salvaged and gifted to Imperial Navy
  • Conjuction explored and the Terra in Excelcis destroyed

Date: 4 010 810.M41 ( 03/01/41,810 )

  • Dinner aboard the Halcyon Blade with the Imperial Navy, the Mechanicus and various Rogue Traders
  • Defeat Gilliam Mordechai in hololithic space combat sim
  • Defeated by Karina Janella in hololithic space combat sim
  • Accepted request from Pompeii to find Adjutant ‘V’ and promised his ship in compensation, the Explorator Y-01 Singularity
  • Raided by a crack team of heavily armed and armoured soldiers, Transport ship inexplicably explodes

Date: 4 099 810.M41 ( 06/02/41,810 )

Date: 4 264 810.M41 ( 07/04/41,810 )

  • Discovery of the Black Sun System
  • Discovery of an Archeotech structure under the North-Pole on what would later be known as Mercys Fall
  • Multiple signs left behind indicating Mechanicus of the Explorator Fleet were here, a cold trail to Adjutant Varco Gearhart

Date: 4 501 810.M41 ( 02/07/41,810 ) (End of 2013 Campaign)

Date: 4 620 810.M41 ( 15/08/41,810 ) Starship: Halcyon Blade fully stocked with food and water but not fuel

Date: 6 750 810.M41 ( 01/10/41,810 )

Date: 6 840 810.M41 ( 03/11/41,810 ) (Beginning of 2015 Halcyon Rising Campaign)

  • The Halcyon Blade is ambushed by the Starship: Pale Eye within a asteroid belt
  • The Blade hulks the raider
  • Uses the time to repair and study the Storm World

Date: 6 882 810.M41 ( 18/11/41,810 )

Date: 6 920 810.M41 ( 02/12/41,810 )

  • Agreed to salvage the End of Days
  • Fight aboard the Halycon Blade again two warp-wielding hostiles, they summoned a Daemon before fleeing into the warp
  • Halycon Blade performs a hit and run attack on the bridge of the End of Days to eliminate a possible threat

Date: 6 923 810.M41 ( 03/12/41,810 )

  • Command staff board the stricken ship, loot the valuables, briefly map out the interior and grow greedy over the Archeotech Cogitator Interlink
  • Arcadia Dynasty successfully hook up and being towing the Starship: End of Days
  • Crew of the Halcyon Blade rescue 50 survivors from the End of Days, mostly Tech-priests, the rest members of the ‘Red Hand’, the ships Missionary: Darrius Orphesiun survives sans an arm
  • Food stores are salvaged bringing the Halcyon Blade to comfortable levels
  • 2 Weeks later the Halcyon translates to warp and begins voyage back to Footfall, victorious

Date: 6 201 811.M41 ( 08/03/41,811 ) “Merry Emperors Days!”

Date: 4 320 811.M41 ( 27/04/41,810 ) “Second year Anniversary of the Dynasty!

*Docked and begun rebuilding the ‘End of Days’
*Begun looking for recruits and materials for repair
*Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX begins negoatiation with Druce Barathon for ‘anti-daemon’ weaponry, oddly enough this involves a lot of food.
*Purchasing of many goods including 100 suits of carapace armour for the Special Arcadia Servicemen ( S.A.S ).
*The second year Anniversary of the Dynasty!


Halcyon Rising Timeline

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