Experience Track

Campaign Starting Experience: 13,500xp

Week 1: 08/05/15

  • A Good Start 100xp
  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Woman Explosion 50xp
  • Melted a small childs soul 50xp
  • Murdered a man with a powerfist 50xp
  • Recovered the Thunderhawk 50xp

Total this week: 400xp
Total so far 13,900xp

Week 2: 15/05/15

  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Exceptional Roleplay 100xp
  • Centaur Usage 50xp
  • Death From Above 50xp
  • Double Deal 50xp
  • Promoted Jenkins 50xp
  • Threw a Chainsword Effectively? 25xp
  • Mechanicus Classarii Saviour 25xp

Total this week: 450xp
Total so far 14,350xp

Week 3: 29/05/15

  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Jettison servitors 50XP
  • Shot the Glass 50xp
  • Threw a Chainsword At a Daemon and Won 50xp
  • Salvaged Artefacts From Barathon Dynasty 50xp
  • Accessed Navagation Spire 25xp
  • Manipulate Crew 25xp
  • Gift of Digi-Meltas 25xp
  • Actually tried to stop a Mutiny 25xp
  • Found the Daemon Incursion 25xp

Total this week: 425xp
Total So Far: 14,775

Week 4: 12/06/15

  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Outstanding roleplay 100xp
  • Hacked N avigation Spire with the little known data-code “Password123” 50xp
  • Considering to sell a stasis chamber with a potential Navigator inside for money! 50xp
  • Uncovered who Druce Barathon really is 50xp
  • Saved Mannie the S.A.S Veteran Seargeant 50xp
  • Coniving 25p
  • Upheld morals by not killing Druce Barathon for profit 25xp

Total this week: 450xp
Total So Far: 15,225xp

Week 5: 10/07/15

  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Krak Grenade 50xp
  • Rabbitted away his shineys 50xp
  • Sawn off shotgun display 50xp
  • Regicide with Victrix 25xp
  • Informing Burk of the Heretek (oops) 25xp
  • The ‘Imperial Turn’ term 25xp
  • Overpayed 25xp
  • Accounting 25xp
  • Water get 25xp

Total this week: 400xp
Total So Far: 15,625xp

Week 6: 24/07/15

  • The Game Happened 100xp
  • Birthday XP 400
  • Hit Detec tion Contraption 100xp
  • Pictures 50xp
  • Are you from the past? 25xp
  • Almost executed a character, but biding his time 50xp
  • The only winning move is to win 50xp
  • Employing knowledge 50xp
  • Suited and Booted 25xp
  • Field Promotion 25xp
  • An inquiring mind 25xp
  • The Arcadia Dynasty needs you!

Total this week: 925XP
Total So Far: 16,550xp

Week 7

  • The game happened 100xp
  • Good roleplaying 100xp
  • CSI’d the potted plant 50xp
  • Explored Ore-Seeker 50xp
  • Usig a pre-imperial PRICELESS Relic Glaive as a pointer for a map 50xp
  • VAT in the canteen investigation 25xp
  • Everyone hates Visscher 25xp
  • Tried to lie to the Mechanicus 25xp
  • Welcome to Damaris 25xp

Total this week: 450XP
Total So Far: 17.100xp

Experience Track

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