House Belisarius Hellgun

House Belisarius Lucius-Pattern Hellgun

weapon (ranged)

Name: House Belisarius Lucius-Pattern Hellgun
Class: Basic
Quality: Best
Range: 110m
RoF: S/3/–
Dam: 1d10+5
Type: E
Pen: 7
Clip: 30
Rld: 2 Full
Special: Never Jams, +10% BS
kg: 3kg
Availability: Rare


Personal arms of House Belisarius guard, notably missing from the Navigator Spire of the End of Days, a small cache of these salvaged by Arcadia Dynasty, their quality is above and beyond that of even men with means to obtain, all bearing the house seal, a large wolf howling to a sky with golden gilding giving a understated but powerful effect of quality, let alone their custom capacitors that output at even greater power of any other hellgun, their makers unkown as of yet.

House Belisarius Hellgun

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