When Diplomacy fails...

weapon (ranged)

Name: Plasma Pistol (Ryza)
Class: Pistol
Range: 30m
RoF: S/2/–
Dam: 1d10+6
Type: E
Pen: 6
Clip: 10
Rld: 3 Full
Special: Overheat, Maximal
kg: 4
Availability: Very Rare


Diplomacy is normally paired with Violence, used to great effect by Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX.

Few pistols are deadlier than the plasma pistol, and those willing to take the risk of using one possess a weapon capable of taking down almost any foe at close range. Plasma pistols are a favourite weapon of Imperial officers, who view it as a status symbol to be entrusted with such a valuable and venerated weapon. It can only hold smaller hydrogen flasks (or sometimes only a single flask) and thus can only fire a handful of shots. They are dangerous to use on board a vessel, as a single shot can penetrate several bulkheads.


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