Augmented Hexagramatic Power Armour

A well crafted suit of Power Armour, upgraded by a forge-master of the Lathes.


Availability: Near Unique
AP: 7 (8 first hit per round)
- Hexagramatic
- +10 str
- Powered Armour: Indefinite, powered by a micro-fusion core

NOTE: Damaging Power Armour: Augmented power armour uses a fusion generator backpack which can sustain power forever with proper care. However, it is possible for the power unit to be damaged, hindering or even disabling the suit. If the wearer takes Critical Damage to the Body from behind, consult the Power Unit Critical Effects chart below (in addition to normal Critical Effects). The problems continue until the unit can be repaired with a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test.


Specially fitted for Seneschal: Lucius Thael Pikkofule Arcadia but thanks to their close relationship Rogue Trader: Lord-Captain Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX can also dorn this armour.

Ex-civilian grade suit of Power Armour purchased at Port Wander, later augmented by Explorator: Leonidas Coyle after Errant-Fabricator Pompeii, a forge-master of the Lathes provided an enhanced power core as a gesture of good will.

The suit is also covered in the intricate scrawl of Astropath Ascendant: Solar Holt in the desperate attempt to change fate after his liaison with ‘Prophetess’ Attar Soloket aboard Footfall.

It may have worked.

Augmented Hexagramatic Power Armour

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