Mercys Fall Relic Glaive

Dark Age of Technology Glaive, Archeotech

weapon (melee)

Quality: Archeotech (+10% to WS tests)
Class: Exotic (Relic Glaive)
Range: Melee
Dam: 1D10 + 6
Type: R
Pen: 2
Special: Balanced
Wt: 3.5kg
Availability: Unique

Archeotech Quality;

  • Old Ones Ingenuity (Compact): Half weight & -30% to search tests to find


  • Loyalty Without Question: (Dogged) Cannot be ‘lost’
  • A Machines Faith (Trusty) – +10% to a single test, once per game session

A short round dull grey device, when activated by the user extends out to a 6" long pole, a blade of elegant latticed strands forming a long axe-head allowing it to use as a glaive, it does not seem matter which way the shaft is held the axe-head always extends from the most prudent and convenient end.

It is of advanced human make, ancient design and an object of much revere amongst those who appreciate relics or technology, as with all devices pulled from Mercys Fall its history and meaning are obscured.

Mercys Fall Relic Glaive

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