Dark Portent Gravity Pack

Perfect archeotech treasure.


Tool: Jump Pack
Weight: 12kg
Quality: Miracle

Archeotech Quality;

  • Dare to be Brave Pilot (Potent): Grants +2 degrees if test is passed.
  • Unknowable Energy Source (Swirling Energy): This device can work indefinitely.


  • Wandering Spirit (Vanishing): -10% search tests to locate it.
  • Temperamental Spirit from an Era Long Past (Surly): Stops working on a roll of 96+, this does however give the user +2 initiative as they are always on edge,

Additional Rules;

  • Wearer may triple base movement with short jumps in any direction, ignoring obstacles.
  • Wearer may also gain the Flyer (12) Trait.

Found hidden among worthless junk aboard the Corsair ship Dark Portent, no doubt taken as spoils from an unknown location, it’s previous owners either losing it or not recognizing it as utterly priceless.

Activated by those who are considered ‘Worthy’ see this device wreath itself in a harmless energy sheath, possessing no means of propulsion this device seems to simply pushes the user where they need to go, almost silently through the air and at great speed allowing the user to perform incredible feats of agility, works in the Void as easily as atmosphere.

Sadly when deactivated this miraculous device is easily misplaced leading to many an embarrassing moment, perhaps it is searching for a superior specimen to bequest it’s abilities.

Dark Portent Gravity Pack

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