Mercys Fall Chest Piece

Found on Mercy's Fall in the Black Sun System, Archeotech


Armour: Carapace Chest Piece
Armour: Body, 11
Weight: 3.5kg
Quality: Archeotech

Archeotech Qualities:

Lost Art of Defence: (Potent) + 4 Armour


  • Temperamental Spirit from an Era Long Past: (Surly) Stops working on a roll of 96+, this does however give the user +2 initiative as they are always on edge,
  • Loyalty Without Question: (Dogged) Cannot be ‘lost’

True Name & History Unknown

Found deep beneath the Glaciers of Mercys Fall northern hemisphere, gifted to the Arcadia’s leaders by an unusual machine spirit of an ancient pre-imperial building.

It is of the finest quality, suspected to be a true masterpiece from the Dark Age of Technology or possibly early Age of Strife, it appears much like any carapace but on closer inspection reveals a structure like no other, capable of stopping blows that should fell even the most sturdy of modern armour. It is noticeably just the chest piece of deceptively light weight and perhaps there are other pieces to this relic.

Currently being lovingly ministered by the Explorator Leonidas Coyle, bringing him closer to the Omnissiah given it’s perfection, his attempts to unlock it’s secrets so far fruitless but the attempt close to rapture, but as with any technology this old it has it’s quirks, on the rare occasional blow has been known to inexplicably bypass this armour, damage those within but leaving the armour untouched, much to the machine spirits and wearers lament, this does not appear to be a fault but fate.

Mercys Fall Chest Piece

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