Special Arcadia Servicemen ( S.A.S )

Company of Trained Armsmen: The Special Arcadia Servicemen


Special Arcadia Servicemen Profile (Crack)

Strength and Composition;

Ws Bs s T ag int per Wp Fel
40 35 35 35 35 35 30 35 40

Ws Bs s T ag int per Wp Fel
35 40 40 40 35 30 40 40 30

Ws Bs s T ag int per Wp Fel
35 40 35 35 35 30 35 35 20

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Wounds: 8+4: ( 12 )

Skills: Awareness (Int), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int), Drive (Walker), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Speak Language (Void Cant) (Int), Tech-Use (Int) Trade (Voidfarer) (Int), Intimidate.

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Rapid Reload.

Armour: 5: Light Enforcer Carapace legs, arms, body


Standard Issue Weapons;

  • Pump-action Shotgun (Shot: 1d10+4 I, Scatter, Slug: 1d10+5 I, pen 2)
  • knife (1d5+Str R, primitive)
  • 2 frag grenades (2d10 X, blast 4")

Support Weapons;

  • Heavy Stubbers (1d10+4 I, pen 3)
  • Grenade Launchers (Frag: 2d10 X, blast (4), Krak 2D10+4 X, pen 6)
  • Las-Cutters (2d10+3 E, Pen 6, Heavy)
  • BQ Belisarius Hellguns (1d10+5 E, pen 7)

Heavy Weapons;

  • Missile launchers (Frag: 2d10 X, pen 4, blast (6))
  • Heavy Bolter (2d10+2 X, Pen 4, tearing)

Nco and Officer Weapons;

  • Bolt Pistol (1d10+5 X, pen 4, tearing)
  • Chainsword (1d10+2+Str R, pen 2, tearing)

Gear: Hand vox, Respirator or void-suit as needed, Good Quality Uniform, Ship Cogmomen, 2 reloads for main weapon, 2 reloads for sidearm, BQ Archaeologist-Pattern Auspex.



Wearing light carapace battledress of the Arcadia Dynasty crafted by House Praxis, deep rich purple material with gilded accents, black gloves, and matching coats, dynastic heraldry on the chest and left upper arm.


Early into the Starship: Halcyon Blade‘s journey the need for a cadre of reliable, dependable and highly trained combat specialists was greatly required, this was highlighted after the ’Battlefields’ incident with heavily armed and armoured hostile personnel effected entrance to the Halcyon Blade and attempted to disable her temperamental real space drives, this would have crippled the ship and made any void-ship combat decidedly one sided.

Intelligencer operative Conan the Steward (Alias) also informed the command staff that enemy agents were abroad on the ship, possibly affecting the earlier boarding, this made the need for the S.A.S or Special Arcadia Servicemen, trained on the refitted cargo decks, an elaborate and complete urban combat arenas, taking only the most combat proficient and loyal arsmen.

Their first deployment proved successful, sent to an alien station above the first moon of Mercys Fall, proving to be unafraid of the dark, their second deployment proved almost a disaster, numbers of S.A.S units going missing in the Xeno ruins of Mercys Fall, their loyalty catechism proving to be imperfect, a number of S.A.S men and women revealing themselves to be hostile and traitors in an assassination attempt on Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX, this has lead to a rigourous internal investigation by Lucius Thael Pikkofule Arcadia.

Equipped with quality wargear they are the bravest and best equipped ex-navy servicemen the best the Halcyon Blade and the Arcadia Dynasty have to offer.

Deeds and Fates of those chosen by Arcadia

Veteran Sergeant “Mannie”: Boarded the End of Days with the Blades command staff, claimed a carapace helmet of the Navigator House Belisarius aswell as an example of perfection that is a Belisarius Hellgun from the unguarded Navigator spire, unfortunately his right arm and left leg were surgically and brutally removed from a servitorisation mechanism with a ‘crew reclamation bay’, luckily he survived when the command staff destroyed the device and evacuated him, he is recovering from his ordeal and arguably… upgraded.

Special Arcadia Servicemen ( S.A.S )

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