Lucius Thael Pikkofule Arcadia

Seneschal of the Halcyon Blade


• Homeworld: Child of Dynasty
• Birthright: Vaunted
• Lure of the Void: New Horizons: Archoetechnologist
• Trials and Travails: High Vendetta
• Motivation: Prestige
• Lineage: Of Extensive Means

o Good Reputation:
o Peers: Nobility, Mercantile, Underworld, Inquisition, Imperial Navy
o Rivals:
o Enemy: Unseen
o Hatred:


Lucius is the brother to Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX, raised on a different world but still has a connection to his kin, jumping at the opportunity to unite Nobilite Houses and forge a new Dynasty, his extensive knowledge and training to take on the role of leadership within his House proving beyond useful, finding himself prepared for the job, no matter what it offers. Lucius has developed an extensive nest of spies that report only to him, not only that but friendly contacts and associates in positions of singular power some whisper even the Inquisition, able to locate any knowledge or indeed any item required and can personally wheel and deal the shirt of a Pirate Kings back if given half the chance.

His history includes organizing and leading expeditions across the Calixis sector, searching for rare and prestigious finds, ever eager to prove his worth and quality to those he deems his peers.

Currently aboard the Starship: Halcyon Blade within the [Koronus Expanse], waging a private and behind the scenes conflict with enemy agents aboard his own ship after the narrow escape of his brothers assassination attempt.

Lucius Thael Pikkofule Arcadia

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