Leonidas Coyle

Explorator of the Halcyon Blade


• Homeworld: Forge World (Explorator Fleet)
• Birthright: Scapegrace
• Lure of the Void: Crusade: Duty to Humanity
• Trials and Travails: Fear: Tormented
• Motivation: Calamity
• Lineage: Cybernetic Resurrection

o Good Reputation:
o Peers: Imperial Navy
o Rivals:
o Enemy:
o Hatred:


Born and raised on Explorator vessel, lived there most of his life. Grew up with another tech priest who he got on really well with. After rising through the ranks a little, his skills were necessary when the Malygrisian Tech Heresy kicked off. He was there when they took him down, but this cost his friend his life and my guy his body.

He woke up on a distant forge world with a servo skull hovering near him. Since then it has followed him everywhere, and he knows it is his friend Gymm, as it talks to him. Since then he was used mainly as a teacher, he even tutored a young and enterprising tech adept (at the time) who would later follow in his mentors footsteps, adding six more of his own.

Eventually he realised that he was never going to accomplish anything on that world. People came and went but he remained static. As his life ran down he knew he had to do something.

One day he was just gone. He walked out of the great iron doors of the forge and nobody remembered his passing. Hearing about the terrible things on Scintilla, he was driven there to try and make amends. There he was briefly reacquainted with an old student, who forwarded his name to what was left of Houses Drogar and Pikkofule …

Leonidas Coyle

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