Errant-Fabricator Pompeii Master of the Explorator cruiser ‘Ouroboros’ and the Ex-799 Fleet.


Errant-Fabricator Pompeii is the master of the Explorator cruiser ‘Ouroboros’ but also has major holding in orbit over The Lathes, notably a stardock which has suffered a small calamity after the refit of a Rogue Traders ship, damaging the dock and the ship itself.

He has forgone his duties aboard this station to journey into the Maw in search of Adjutant Varco Gearhart and his ship, he has employed Gilliam Mordechai, Gabriel Gideon Pikkofule Arcadia LXIX and Karina Janella granting them exclusive rights to the Starship: Explorator Y-01 Singularity.


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