Casmirri Orthesian

Tom Illingworth's Character


• Homeworld: Imperial World: Fenksworld: Small grimy hive world home to a depot of Battlefleet Calixis, notable for ‘The Library of Knowing’
• Birthright: In Service to the Throne: Born to Lead
• Lure of the Void: Hunters: Duty Bound: Duty
• Trials and Travails: Calamity
• Motivation: Devotion: Duty
• Lineage: Witch Born: Proven to be Pure

o Good Reputation:
o Peers:
o Rivals:
o Enemy:
o Hatred: Pirates



Home grown within the sprawling expanse of a small Hive on ‘Fenksworld’ a sub-sector strong point for the Imperial Navy, within their streets and over their skies Casmirri learned the ways of his craft. Assigned to the good ship ‘Gryphon’, a five Millennia old Mars Battlecruiser under the command of Fleet-Captain Nathaniel Horne, Passage Watch 27-Est aka “Battlefleet Koronus” most senior naval officer. Casmirri chosen for his exceptional scores in the infamous ‘Sanguineous Saint’ Tactica Mortem test, alongside practical displays of in-void combat ability, shipped out when assigned to Absolution Wing as a ‘Rook’, literally taken under the wings of the most famous Bomber wings in the Calixis sector, this is where his real test lay.

For whatever reason good or Ill you were eventually assigned to the End of Days, officially ending your Military career as you leave their chain of command under a Rogue Trader.

It is a Carrier Light Cruiser, with a terrible reputation for killing its crew, you journeyed into the Expanse through the Maw, a giant warp storm with a small passage to rich lands of heresy and profit.

Casmirri Orthesian

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