Rogue Trader 2015: Halcyon Rising

Session 8: Going, Going, Gone!

Thought of the Day:

Rogue Trader: Session 8 – Halcyon Rising

The Halcyon Blade has made much progress is attracting items of particular worth, aswell as expensive resources they wish to rid themselves of, with a light cruiser to outfit and hungry for the ever present need for liquid resources the command staff aswell as the holder of the writ have decided to “Let some things go”

But the items they have are simply worth too much for simple transactions, requiring a power intermediary under safe conditions aswell as the sheer power of the buyers market, the Obsidian Emporial, an indipendant faction dedicated to the rallocation of absurd amounts of wealth and items deemed far too unique for standard sale.

This is where our adventurers decided to sell their items, including:

  • Mercys Fall Relic Glaive
  • Battalion of War Vehicles and materials
  • Location of the Black Sun System, containing two currently unexplored Eldar stations and a lightly explored Dead Eldar City

And for a time the Mercys Fall Chest Piece was also up for sale, only being retracted moments before the bids were offered.

This chest piece was to protect their newest Council member, Casmirri Orthesian.

All stratas of power attended the auction, of course this was to sell far more than their items, the items on display ranging from esoteric and bizarre trinkets to alien artifacts and weaponry from across the galaxy.