Rogue Trader 2015: Halcyon Rising

Session 5: Dinner For a Mr Inquisitor

Thought of the Day: Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body

Rogue Trader: Session 5 – Halcyon Rising

Servant of the God-Emperor and my Master.

The goodship Halcyon Blade and the towed hulk of the End of Days made port at footfall, it was time of success, a time to count the riches but our Lord-Captain had made plans, hatched schemes and wished for weapons that can unmake Daemons, so it was an obvious matter to see Druce Barathon, our resident under-cover Inquisitor before he left sight potentially forever.

A bargain was struck, our Lord-Captain had saved this Inquisitors life, rescued him from a warp-throttled, dying, reaver infested planet with cyclopean structures, a debt the Inquisitor was eager to settle, for no man of power likes being indebted, especially to another man of power.

“You will go to Gregors Temptation, you will speak these words: ‘I hereby require the Hellucin-Berry Cider House Special, the Writ of War with Infernus Sauce as my Main Course’ and Salvation Cluster Ploin Fruit for Dessert.’ Play your part, do not tip your hand that you are not infact of the Inquisition, and above all, enjoy the Ploint Fruit.”

And with a trade of rings the Lord-Captain took his Inner Council to find Gregors Temptation and gain weapons powerful from the Chalice in order to protect themselves against the Witch and the Daemon.

Aboard the vast, irregular asteroid-field strewn void station the explorers set forth to find this enigma, the gifted ring vibrating to signal to its wearer the location of Gregors Temptation, dodging the unwashed masses of civilians, murderers and howling narco-gangs on their quest, stopped near the moment of their success by a mountain of a man with clearly augmented biceps and 4 lackeys, for the Lord-Captain had gone incognito but was unable to alter his mannerisms, Casmirri couldn’t hide his twitchness and anybody who hides their forehead is always a suspicous kind.

The fight was short and the leader of the Narco’s lost his head, thanks to a melta-ring, their journey continued, ever guided by the device to an abandoned section, completely devoid of life, the large empty space only half walled off with plastek sheeting.

They stepped inside, the air changed, the interior wa smuch the same but a number of set-tables had appeared aswell as for all intents and purposes, a bar and servesman, who nodded down to a table, each of them named with a placard in illuminated high gothic script..

“The Siege of Terra” written upon their tables placard

“Dropsite Massacre of Istvaan V”
“The Burning of Prospero”
“The World of Murder”
“Schism of Mars”

A aura of forboding filled those with an inkling of what they mean, or was it a feeling of loss, either way the air was thick with the scent of cooking food, heady and pleasant, aswell as a chilled breeze, the strangest restaurant in the sector, no doubt.

The servesman stepped closer, ready to take their order, going over the unusual and one-of-a-kind items on the list, each explorer ordered food for it had been a long and tiring excursion, taking nearly a full day of climbing, walking and being pressed against the common citizens of Footfall.

The meals ordered, all but Gideons, for when he repeated the words ‘I hereby require the Hellucin-Berry Cider House Special, the Writ of War with Infernus Sauce as my Main Course’ and Salvation Cluster Ploin Fruit for Dessert.’ there was an immediate issue, the servesman, ever professional and proper advised our good Lord-Captain, they were ‘out’ of Salvation Cluster Ploin Fruit, he tried showing him the ring, he tried subtle persuasion but the servesman simply stated, they were out of Salvation Cluster Ploin Fruit.

Eventually he ordered something else and the mood changed, the meal was completed, and savored but something told the explorers that, something had gone wrong, they left empty handed, returned to their ship, defeated.

Alas, if only he had enforces his will, he would have the weapons he seeks, and more.

As ever your loyal servant,


A pict image of an example Menu has been attached below,

Gregors Temptation


The Redemptionist Recaff Suprise
Maccabian Juice
Black Blood Liquor
Golden Throne Beer
Cog Sweat Ale
Obsidian Raenka
Breakers ‘Broadside’ Amasec
Hallucin-Berry Cider
The “Redacted”


Malfian Devilled Eggs with Catachan Sauce
The Little Chaos Soufflé with Liquid Heresy Liqueur
Calixian Grox Cheek with Footfall Algae Stir-Fry
Pilgrim Pancakes with Purified Cloud Crystals
Writ of War with Infernus Sauce
Crispy Razorwing
Void-Whale Steak
Hecation Rift Pie and mixed gelatinous ‘vegetables’
Winterscale’s Mono-Ocular Fish-sticks served on a Geode Mesh Skillet
Braised Mukaali Soup with Ossified Bone Grindings
Ghost-Eel fillet on a bed of Baked Black Sun Petals
Grox Obolus (Kebab) with Garlic Sauce
Void Reclimated Canned Mystery-Meat (Recommend Eating Whilst Armed)
Sand Tiger Sweet Meats Steam-Cooked with Water of Vaporius
Maiden Worlds Prize Pie
Burnscour Apex Predator Loin with Roasted Nuts
Albino Rattus Rattus Burger


Underdeck Delight
Omnissian Muffins with Thrice-Blessed Oil of the 17’th Law
Stryx Clone Cake Trio
Frontier Jelly
Clerical Error Tart
Kraken Jelly Suspended in a Null Gravity Field
Lucin’s Frozen Breath, with Cream
Salvation Cluster Ploin Fruit
Solar Sunbaked Cookies
Sticky Melta-Bomb Pudding
Conquest Class Cake
The Exterminatis


Gregors Dark Secret Sauce
Deal Breaker Gravy
Blackened Witch-Cursed Bread

Specials (Beyond Rare);

Stasis Sealed Genetically Pure Terran Apple, from a long lost Europa Orchard.