Rogue Trader 2015: Halcyon Rising

Session 6: It's a buyers galaxy

Thought of the Day:

Rogue Trader: Session 6 – Halcyon Rising

Quartermaster Faenus Du Cressida Report:

As requested lords I have enclosed this information under our standard inventory for the goodship Halcyon Blade may she sail under the God-Emperors gaze always.

Downunder Combat Suppliers Transactions: Footfall

x10 Long-Las:, pattern to be confirmed

Failed transaction: Vengeance boltshells

House Praxis Warehousing: Footfall

100x suits of standard light carapace armour for S.A.S use
1x Imperial Navy Battleflet Calixis dress uniform

Unknown Benefactor: Location Unknown

1X ‘Witch’ Lance, I am reliably informed this is not illicit cargo but I will ensure it remains out of sight of any officials, Lord.

Street Urchin: Footfall

Cameleoline cloak, damaged, stained with blood, confirmed it is not yours Lord.


Faenus Du Cressida

Brother of mine, again I have expunged much information within the reports of our staff, to ensure any spies aboard the Blade come away with very little, you may notice I have left the reference of this ‘Witch Lance’ intact, it will serve as a warning that the Arcadia Dynasty is not an easy opponent and are a resourceful lot, apparent to me and you but, well.

On the subject of Witches, Silence handed you this device, she obviously said nothing including the price, it seems relations with Druce Barathon has taken a bit of an Imperial turn, we may be the target of acquisition ourselves brother, we should use this to our advantage and hope he does not interfere with our endeavors too badly, having an Inquisitor on a first name basis is a good opportunity, even his first name is a thinly veiled reference to Saint Drusus.

Perhaps this is divine precedence.

Oh, you may have noticed our funding has been stretched somewhat, yes well it seems the merchants of this fair land charge extortionate amounts for materials and components, I have been stretching our finances, bribing the right officials, lubricating the social networks but you may experience some.. shortfalls.

And brother of mine, keep that lance handy for our resident Navigator, if he proves too disruptive to our needs.