Rogue Trader: Halcyon Rising

Update Log 21/06/16:

  • Campaign has finished early, however I am starting up a Dark Heresy Campaign using a blank slate approach: https://darkheresysecondchance.obsidianportal.com/

Update Log 06/08/15:

Update Log 14/06/15:

Update Log 20/05/15:

Ye Olde Warrante of Trade

  • Warrant of Trade added [ Thanks to Errant Knight ]

Campaign Update Log 17/05/15:

  • Updates website with the events of the latest session
  • Updated the Timeline vastly
  • Edited characters who are no longer alive
  • Edited ships who are no longer intact
  • Adventure Logs are up to date

Rogue Trader 2015: Halcyon Rising

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